"During the many decades of his prolific career, internationally renowned photographer Hugues Vassal visited Iran fifty times. While in Iran, he took many exceptional shots of Iranian life, and of our family in both official and private settings. Today these photographs form a historical archive of Iran in the era of monarchy, providing Iranians with a special visual record of the period. I know that all Iranians will welcome and appreciate this publication, which evokes for all of us another chapter of our past." Farah Pahlavi



    Hugues Vassal

Qui sommes-nous ?

Gallery Hugues Vassal est un site de vente de photographies de collection en édition limitée. Notre catalogue est composé de photos réalisées par le photographe Hugues Vassal. Nous nous efforçons d’enrichir notre fond régulièrement, et de vous proposer des nouveautés plusieurs fois par an.

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